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Top 5 Online Colleges NJ

Top 5 Online Colleges NJ – Are you fascinated to join the online colleges in the area of New Jersey? Well, make sure to choose the credible ones for sure. For the considerations, here are the best 5 online colleges in NJ. Check them out.

Rutgers University – New Brunswick
This college is at the top of the list for many reasons. Even the college choices score found in 2018 is perfect; it is 100.
Then, it features 11 online degree programs fully. Two of them are the bachelor’s degree and the rests are for the master programs. The programs include the favorite and the most demanded ones like MBA in Business Administrations and the Bachelor of Science.

Rowan University
A little lower than Rutgers University – New Brunswick, now we have Rowan University with the college choice score of 96.06. This university was initially the public research of New Jersey and later it turned into a campus with more than 150 programs for bachelor, master, doctoral, and professional.
For the online programs, it includes all degrees for the Construction Management, Law and Justice, Engineering, and Nursing.

Monmouth University
Monmouth University gains the college choice score of 94.09 this year. The campuses are divided into some areas; one of the areas is in New Jersey. Not all the programs are available online indeed.
However, the online programs are including those with numerous demanders like the Master program in Criminal Justice and Master Program in Forensic Nursing. They are taught full-time just like the regular classes.
Top 5 Online Colleges NJ

Rutgers University – Newark
Still being a part of Rutgers University, there is now another one located in the area of Newark. The college choice score is still really high; it is 92.22. Previously, it was a part of the State University of New Jersey and now, it has around 7 undergraduates, graduates, and professional schools.
For the online college programs, there are 11 fully degrees for 2 bachelor’s degrees and 9 master’s degrees. Some of the study programs offered are the ME in Biomedical Engineering, MBA in Business Administration, and MS in Public Administration.

Saint Peter’s University
Lastly, it is Saint Peter’s University with the college choice score of 91.38. This is a non-profit Roman Catholic College located in Jersey City. Overall, this campus has 5 colleges and schools with more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs.
For the online college programs, there are the Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Doctoral program of Education and the Educational Leadership program.

That is top 5 online colleges NJ that we think the best in New Jersey until now. Choose the right one for you best on your need.

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