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What’s Good and Bad of Free Online College Courses

Free online college courses often time tempt a lot of people because they are probably in need of a college qualification but can't afford one. When you pick a free online college course, you should consider some things. Pay a good attention in the good and bad of the free online college course.

The positive side of free online college course

A free online college course, also known as MOOC or Massive Open Online Course, is a good way for you who want to study in college but don't have the money. But, you can't expect the course will be close to a standard and paid online college courses. The MOOC often time available for the sake of education, rather than earning you a degree or accreditation. Most MOOC will give you lectures from videos and then engage an interactive learning activity. Because the schedule and the time are very relaxed, busy or struggling students can review the materials at any time.

Forums and discussion boards usually enable the MOOC participants to interact with each other across the world. The participant often times come from different socioeconomic, professional background, and educational level. Because of these differences, the student can see the problem and digest the information given by the lecturer in various way that they never thought about. This is a very good educational value because having a heterogeneous environment will give the participant more logical and thorough solutions. So, free online college courses may have a similar level of education as the standard one but not as high as them.
free online college courses

The negatives of free online college courses

Although the free online college course can give unlucky people to access a good education, it is not ideal enough for every situation. The important thing is that the MOOC may not affect your resume that much compared to a regular college course or a paid version of online college. The goal of MOOC is to educate people rather than giving them an accreditation. Also, the MOOC usually have a huge number of participants, making an interaction between the instructor and the students less impactful and meaningful.
As time goes on, people can see why the MOOC gain popularity because many people need education. But, once they realized that the MOOC can't be added into a resume, there is a chance that the free online college courses may not be that successful based on the data gathered by The Wall Street Journal.

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