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What You Need to Know about Online Certificate Programs

The online certificate programs are the good option for you who wants to hone specific skills and not attending classes. With this, you can get the skill you need and manage your time between college, family, and business. Here is what you need to know about the online certificate programs.

Comparing online and on-campus certificate program

The curriculum of both on-campus and online certificate programs are quite similar. If you take the online course, the lectures are usually given through audio or video recordings, or transcriptions. All of them can be accessed through the university web. Email is important for you to submit most of your assignments. There are quizzes and exams that can be administered through the university website usually in a closed time frame. A periodic on-campus meeting may occur in some courses.
You may find that the lecturer in the online classes also teaches the on-campus classes. If you want to interact with the lecturers online, you can utilize the available features on the website such as chat rooms, email, video chats, and message boards.

What technology you need to have

To complete your online courses, it is obliged that you have to meet the technology and gadget standard set by the university. Each program may require a different specifics but there are general requirements that the student should meet such as up-to-date operating system, Office software, Antivirus software, Video camera /CD/DVD drive, and speakers. The requirements are essential for you to finish every assignment and interact with the academician on the university.  
Online Certificate Programs

Comparing degree programs with certificate programs

Certificate programs require you to complete a wide range of subjects. But, the range of subjects is not as complex as in the degree programs. For instance, in a degree program you should take core courses like English, social sciences, and Math while in a certificate program, you are usually obliged to take courses related to your program's field.

Most online certificate programs can be done in either 2 and 4 years. A wider variety of online certificate programs are usually available in the community and technical colleges. Graduate certificates often times offered to schools with graduate level programs. This is because the graduate certificates are ready and generally better for the professional advancement of a post-graduate degree. If you want to have discipline-specific academic studies that focus on a particular field of interest, then an undergraduate certificate program is a perfect choice for you. Online certificate programs are better for people that want more flexible time. 

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